Welcome to Two Flying Geese!

September 29, 2016 2 Comments

Welcome to Two Flying Geese! We are Annette and Kathleen, a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team who love to quilt. Annette made her first quilt for her baby over 40 years ago. Kathleen got into quilting about 10 years ago after taking an introductory class on quilting. About a year ago, we decided to open our very own online quilting shop and now here we are.

 At Two Flying Geese, we not only sell fabric and kits, we also love to help out in different ways. We love to help choosing coordinating fabrics, which you can request by emailing us at info@twoflyinggeese.ca. This blog is also where you can find inspiration for your future projects, along with tips and technique guides.

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Sue g
Sue g

October 05, 2016

Congratulations you two ..a business together a super idea……I am busy quilting in the Kootenay and I am living the whole process from piece work to longer ming and I have a business too quilting for others lol

Betty Garvey
Betty Garvey

October 01, 2016

Best of luck with your new venture. Will be I touch.

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