Let's Make Reversible Knot Bags!

November 23, 2017

Let's Make Reversible Knot Bags!

Reversible knot bags are a quick project that make a perfect gift. Make some to have around for when you need that emergency gift. These bags are great to use at farmers markets, to hold small craft items, or to even use as a gift bag.


  • 2 coordinating fat quarters
  • matching thread
  • bag template (I used the one found here and adjusted it to the size I wanted).


  1. Choose two coordinating fat quarters. Fold in half. Press.
  2. Place template on one of the folded fat quarters. Pin. Cut out. Repeat with the other fat quarter. You will now have four cut out pieces of fabric.
  3. Place the two pieces of fabric together (the same patterned fabric) right sides together and pin at top seams and along the bag bottom. Repeat with the other fabric.
  4. Take one of the pinned fabrics and sew fabric together at shoulder seams and along the round part of the bag. At the round part, start at the right where my finger is pointing in the photo below and go around the bottom, ending where the finger is pointing on the left side of the bag. Repeat with the other pinned fabric.
  5. Take one of the fabrics and turn right side out (it doesn't matter which one because the bag is reversible). Press.
  6. Place the pressed fabric inside of the other fabric (wrong side out). Match seams at shoulder and along inside neck pinning the two different fabrics together (not all four).
  7. Sew 1/4 inch seam along the inside neck all the way around the bag, again making sure that you are sewing the two coordinating fabrics together and not all four (can you tell that I made this mistake yet!?!). DO NOT sew outside armholes together (and yes, I made that mistake too).
  8. Flip bags so both right sides are facing out and place one inside of the other.
  9. Line up seams and press as best you can.
  10. Your bag will all be sewn together except for the outside armholes. You need to fold 1/4 inch of fabric back on both sides and press together. Pin to hold in place.
  11. Sew a topsitch around the arms that you just pinned. This is a bit tricky with the smaller armhole. Do the best you can.
  12. Topstitch around the inside of the arms to hold the seam down.
  13. Press. Slip the longer armhole through the shorter one.
  14. You now have a reversible knot bag. Enjoy!

The fabric used to make the knot bag is from the SS Bluebird collection. It can be found here.

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