My Guilty Secret is Revealed

December 05, 2016 1 Comment

My Guilty Secret is Revealed

Hi There, I’m the guilty Flying Goose and finally ready to admit it. I am guilty of being a scrap collector or otherwise known as a stasher.

 I like to keep all my scraps from projects I have worked on and I also like to grab scraps wherever I can, that includes thrift stores, friends stash piles and I’ve also been known to buy scraps from my local quilt store.

 So, you are probably thinking, what does she do with these scraps. Well I sort them into sizes and colours and store them. I use them whenever I feel the need to have some fun.

 Here’s a couple of projects I’ve worked on recently:


If you are a scrap lover why not share the love and tell us on our Facebook or Instagram page what you like to do with your scraps, post a photo and we will pick one lucky winner to receive a grab bag of scraps for your next project.

Contest will remain open until December 11th and at that time we will have Juvi Goose (my granddaughter) pick the lucky winner. Tell your friends to join in the fun and lets see photos of your projects.




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Elsie isaak
Elsie isaak

April 28, 2017

I love scraps!!! For the second time in the last couple of months, I bought scraps from my local quilt store. They come in handy every where, and yes with out shame I admit, I check out thrift stores as well. Fabric makes me happy, its the best therapy for me.

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