Noodlehead Pattern Reviews by Annette

January 11, 2018

Noodlehead Pattern Reviews by Annette

This month I decided to sew up some bags and review some patterns in the process. I decided to look at the Noodlehead patterns, of which we carry several different ones. I didn't have time to try them all, so I chose two really different bags to start with. Both bags were a project that I managed to start and finish in one day.

You can find all of the different Noodlehead patterns we carry here. What one would you like to make?


Pattern review #1:

Explorer Tote - A Noodlehead pattern

I really liked the name of this pattern so I decided to give it a try.


First of all, I chose what fabrics I wanted to make the bag out of. I chose to use the Poetry Wovens because I liked their textures and thought they would look good in a bag. I chose the lining from my stock of fabric that I had on hand.

The pattern itself was very easy to follow. I really liked the clear instructions and the attention to detail. I especially appreciated the inclusion of a label sheet to avoid confusion during construction. There are a lot of pieces to this tote and using the labels was a big help.


Although there was a lot of cutting associated with this tote it went together easily and I think the fabrics make an awesome tote for a day of shopping or a trip to the beach. There are multiple pockets and the whole tote is secured with a zipper.


We have the patterns and the fabric for the tote so get sewing and get ready to take your tote on a trip.


Pattern review #2:

Campfire Messenger Bag - A Noodlehead pattern

This bag was more challenging than the Explorer Tote, however I think the finished bag was worth the work.

The fabrics I chose were Cotton and Steel Basics XOXO in Ghost for the flap, and Midnight Garden - Birds in Dusk for the body. Again I raided my fabric stock for the lining.

The instructions were clear but the pattern did not include a label sheet like the previous one. I would definitely recommend labelling all of the pieces as they are similar in size and it is easy to get them confused.

This bag has lots of pockets and a secured flap along with a zipper pocket in the back of the bag.

Definitely a great bag to take along wherever you are going.

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